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Mike Glennon won't replace Josh McCown, for now

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers love Josh McCown too much, and his individual errors are too easy to dismiss as incidental mistakes, for them to move on.

Cliff McBride

After two weeks of bad interceptions, a portion of Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans have had enough. Well, some of them had already had enough back when Josh McCown was first signed. They simply want Mike Glennon under center. To them, there's a chance that Glennon is the future, and he needs a chance to show that he is.

The Bucs' coaches disagree. They keep referring to Mike Glennon as their "quarterback of the future", but their actions say differently. They keep emphasizing that Josh McCown is their signal caller. He's the man they trust. He's a real leader, someone who can bring the team together and get them going where they need to go.

Quarterbacks coach Marcus Arroyo said yesterday that they'd lost "zero" confidence in Josh McCown. Lovie Smith praised McCown's play, outside of that one interception. In fact, Smith actually emphasized McCown's ability to run the ball -- something that certainly distinguishes him from Mike Glennon.

After expressing disapproval of McCown's interceptions, Arroyo praised him for everything else. "The success rate and the analytics that we’re looking at as far as what we believe at that position, he’s doing a lot really good things and we trust that it’s only going to get better."

That isn't necessarily incongruous: McCown completed 76% of his passes for 8.5 yards per attempt against the Rams, adding two touchdowns on the ground and being sacked only once. That really is pretty good. It's just that that one play (justifiably) stands out. That one play genuinely does make the rest look worse -- and if he can't eliminate those one plays, he should be replaced.

But we're not at that point. Not yet, anyway. For now, they can dismiss those interceptions as incidental mistakes that won't happen again. And as long as the Bucs believe, right or wrong, that McCown's interceptions won't be structural issues, he will remain their starting quarterback.