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NFL Power Rankings 2014: Bucs keep on dropping in week three

The power rankings aren't kind to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

Cliff McBride

When you lose two games, at home, to teams starting backup quarterbacks -- people are going to lose respect for you. Which is exactly what's happening in the power rankings. And I can't exactly disagree with them, either. No outrage this week. Just resignation.

Danny Kelly of SB Nation has them has them 29th. Pete Prisco has them 30th. Fox Sports has them 30th. Even Bleeding Green Nation has lost faith, they have the Bucs 27th.

And so we're back to where we were one year ago: at the bottom of all the power rankings.

There are differences with the Schiano era, of course. Lovie Smith is a much better coach. There's reason for optimism, eventually, as many of the issues are caused by injuries. And there was definite improvement from week one to week two.

But at this point, the Bucs are 0-2. They lost to two backup quarterbacks. They simply haven't played well enough to be ranked any higher than this. And they'd better change that, fast, if they don't want to end the season at the bottom of the division. Yet again.