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Rams vs. Buccaneers: Three key matchups on offense.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have to win these three matchups on offense, and a whole lot more to beat the St. Louis Rams on Sunday.

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Cliff McBride

T Anthony Collins vs. DE Robert Quinn

Arguably the best edge rusher in the NFL against a solid but not spectacular left tackle. Well. That sounds like it'd be a key matchup. Which is why that's exactly what it is.

Collins was pretty good last week going against Greg Hardy, who's pretty good himself. He didn't really get beat, though he didn't look great in the run game. The offensive line problems seemed to be caused more by communication issues and defensive movement, than by straight-up getting beat.

That's going to change this week. Robert Quinn is going to beat Anthony Collins once, twice, maybe more. That's just what Quinn does. It'll be Collins' job to stop it from grinding the offense to a halt. Good luck!

WR Mike Evans vs CB Janoris Jenkins

Jenkins is an interesting player. He's very good in press. He's explosive. Has great ball skills. And can be very inconsistent. He'll also likely be lined up on Mike Evans a lot: he generally sticks to the offensive left, which is mostly where Mike Evans lined up last week, too.

One thing the Bucs might consider doing is getting Evans the ball in space. He's no Cordarrelle Patterson, but he's big, physical and tough to bring down.The big receiver had five catches for 37 yards last week, and the Bucs will certainly want to get more production out of him against a fairly weak secondary. Follow the Vikings' lead, Bucs!

The corollary to this matchup: Vincent Jackson against sixth-round rookie E.J. Gaines. A sixth-round rookie draft pick. Yes, we're likely to see the Bucs' best receiver lined up on a sixth-round rookie. That should be amusing.

Brandon Myers vs Alec Ogletree

No guards? No guards! The Rams have a pretty good defensive front, but Robert Quinn is going to be much more destructive than the Rams' defensive tackles. Guards are going to be a recurring problem this week, and talking about them every week is going to get fairly boring fairly quickly.

No, instead, the Bucs' running game is going to have to heavily rely on Brandon Myers as a blocker. Austin Seferian-Jenkins is out with an ankle injury, which means Myers is going to have to do some more blocking. Myers actually looked fairly solid last week, though he's far from a world-beater as a blocker. He's more of a move tight end than a dominant in-line player, but he can do that when necessary.

And it's going to be necessary this week. Doug Martin was limited this week, which means that even if he plays he likely won't be 100%. And he didn't look terrific during the game, anyway. Bobby Rainey and Mike James are likely to get some touches. And having a quality blocking tight end who can move and make a few key blocks.

Alternatively, the Bucs might look at Jorvorskie Lane. He of the 54-yard rumble, who only played seven snaps against the Panthers.

Bonus: Josh McCown vs the world

Please don't throw stupid interceptions anymore, McCown.

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