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Josh McCown has to perform for the Buccaneers to win

Marshall Faulk asks us which player is facing the pressure to perform. The answer is simple: Josh McCown.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

That's an easy answer: Josh McCown. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers lost their first game against the Carolina Panthers in large part because McCown looked horrible through the first three quarters. He held on to the ball too long, he threw two inexcusable interceptions and didn't look anything like the solid, risk-free game manager he was supposed to be.

McCown won't be replaced quickly unless his play is completely disastrous, as Lovie Smith has generally been fairly patient with his quarterbacks. But McCown has to improve his play, and what he showed in week one was simply unacceptable.

Now, there was one mitigating factor: at the end of the game, the Josh McCown we expected to see showed up. He corrected his mistakes, led two touchdown drives and gave the Bucs some hope, before seeing that squashed when Bobby Rainey lost a fumble. If he can keep up that form, he'll be fine.

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