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DLT's Deadlocks: 2014 NFL Week 2

You think you know, but you don't know and you never will.

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

You know it's so funny. After all the off-season moves, coaching changes and what not, you think you have a handle on how the NFL will begin to take shape.

For example, The Bills looked downright dreadful in the pre-season. There was talk of EJ Manuel not even holding on to his job as a starter. Meanwhile, the Bears were supposed to be a Super Bowl contender with a rebuilt defense to go along with the high octane offense. There's absolutely no way the Bills could go into Chicago on opening day and score with a Super Bowl contender right? Oops.

Coming into this season, the Bucs were supposed to be rising from the ashes while the Panthers were crashing back to earth. Yet, even without Cam Newtown, Carolina pimp slapped the Bucs in their own barn. The Saints had a top 5 defense...had being the operative word. The Patriots always start 1-0...except this season.

It reminds of the classic Jim Mora line, "You think you know, but you don't know and you never will."

As you would expect, I struggled in my picks last week, posting a dismal 9-7 record while going 0-1 in my upset special.

Let's see if I can do any better this week.

Last Week: 9-7    Upset Special: 0-1

Season: 9-7        Upset Specials: 0-1

Thursday Night

Ravens 26, Steelers 17 - Nothing like an exciting Baltimore-Pittsburgh matchup to get the juices flowing for NFL Week 2. Unfortunately I won't watch because frankly I don't want to hear the name of a former Baltimore RB who dometically abused his wife one more time...


Bills 20, Dolphins 16 - Who would have thought this game would decide who has the early edge in the AFC East?

Redskins 23, Jaguars 20 - I really like the Jags and Gus Bradley and I think they could pull the upset here....but I just don't have the sack to pick it.

Titans 27, Cowboys 17 - It was strange that it wasn't the Dallas defense that got them beat against San Francisco. The Thumbs go 2-0? FIRE!

Cardinals 23, Giants 10 - The Fire Eli watch begins as the Fire Coughlin watch continues. I'm becoming a big believer in Arizona.

Patriots 27, Vikings 13 - Surely the Patsies can't go 0-2 with Tom Brady at quarterback.

Saints 30, Browns 27 - Surely the Aints can't go 0-2 with Drew Brees at quarterback.

Bengals 30, Falcons 24 - Surely the Fal...oh wait, they won. Well, they can go 1-1.

Upset Special: Lions 23, Panthers 10 - Not that I don't believe in Cam's return but I think Suh may kick him in the ribs.

Buccaneers 20, Rams 10 - If the Bucs don't win this one, there will be a long line of jumpers off the Skyway Bridge.

Seahawks 23, Chargers 16 - Another season, another San Diego 0-2 start.

Texans 16, Raiders 13 - Both teams look good in their openers, only one showed the ability to win.

Packers 27, Jets 17 - Surely the ACME Meat Packers can't go 0-2 with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback.

Broncos 34, Chiefs 13 - I'm beginning to think last season was a fluke for Kansas City.

Sunday Night

49ers 30, Bears 24 - Hey Chicago, remember when you didn't score points but won a lot of games?

Monday Night

Upset Special #2 Eagles 30, Colts 23 - To think Chip Kelly almost became the head coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and then realized he had Josh Freeman as his QB and came to his senses.