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Predict Vincent Jackson's receiving yards

We move to Vincent Jackson in our series of predicting Tampa Bay Buccaneers player statistics

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Vincent Jackson is once again the Tampa Bay Buccaneers top receiver. So how productive will he be this year?

Jackson's tenure with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has been extraordinarily successful. He produced 1,384 yards in 2012 and 1,224 yards in 2013 -- the two most productive seasons in his nine-year NFL career. Add in 15 touchdowns and just one fumble, and he's been one of the best and most consistent receivers in the NFL for the past two years. Hey, what do you know, free agent signings can be successful. Who knew?

This year, Jackson's probably going to more of the same. He's been dominant in training camp producing highlight reel after highlight reel with no signs of slowing down. And with a more versatile offensive scheme and a few new weapons for Jeff Tedford to play with, he should find himself a little more room on offense, too. The only question is whether Josh McCown can get him the ball.

So, how productive do you think Vincent Jackson will be this season?