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Washington vs. Buccaneers score update: Bucs down 3-0 after one quarter

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

This game is boring. I mean, fourth-quarter preseason games are always a little stale. But this is just mind-numbingly dull.

To make matters worse, the Bucs pulled their starters before the game even started, then pulled a bunch of their second-string players after just one drive. Yes, we're now watching four quarters of third- and fourth-string players. Now that's a bit of a disaster.

Still, I'm sure the Bucs want to win. And Washington probably does too, right? Right?

Anyway, offense is completely absent on the Bucs' side. At least Colt McCoy led Washington into field goal range so something happened. And then they sacked Mike Kafka and recovered the ball at the goal-line. So. There's that.

Ah well. Here's your second quarter open thread. Enjoy!

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