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Washington vs. Buccaneers score update: Bucs getting crushed at the half

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

At halftime, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are trailing Washington, 10-0.

The Bucs didn't give their starters any playing time, with a few exceptions, and they pulled most of their top backups after just one series, leaving a bunch of third-stringers playing against Washington's second-stringers. Unsurprisingly, this led to  what we'd call dominance on the part of Washington, particularly on offense.

After one half, the Bucs managed a grand total of 15 total yards, including -13 passing yards, while allowing 193 total yards. That's not a good total, obviously.

But these games are more about backup performance than they are about score, and we did see some good performances. Specifically, Ronald Talley looked good at defensive tackle and Keith Lewis managed an interception and Danny Lansanah has been everywhere. On offense, Kevin Pamphile looks okay at left tackle, and I guess Rishaw Johnson wasn't a total disaster at right guard?

Okay fine, so it's mostly bad. Here's your second half open thread.