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Jeff Tedford's medical procedure went well, Danny Gorrer cut

Lovie Smith talked about Logan Mankins, Jeff Tedford and more in today's press conference.

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Lovie Smith loves Logan Mankins

It was like listening to an advertisement. Logan Mankins is a good player, don't get me wrong, but Lovie Smith seems smitten with the guy. The Bucs head coach even sounded like PFT Commenter when he said something about a lunch pail and going to work.

Still, it's clear that Mankins will be a key player and a locker room leader. The Bucs will try to get him acclimated as quickly as possible, as they want him to start week one. No surprise there. Despite all that, he won't play on Thursday in the team's fourth and final preseason game.

Jeff Tedford's medical procedure went well

Jeff Tedford is in the hospital with a medical procedure, which was news to everyone when the Bucs announced it yesterday. Today, Lovie Smith said the medical procedure went well, although Tedford won't be at the game on Thursday. It's not clear whether he'll be able to make it to the home opener, or any other game beyond that, as Smith couldn't give the media any details on his medical issue.

Most starters will sit out Thursday's game

Lovie Smith noted that Mike Glennon will start Thursdays game against Washington, and Mike Kafka will finish the game. As is common across the NFL, most of the starters won't play in that game.

Danny Gorrer cut

Danny  Gorrer made it pretty clear that he was cut on Twitter today, though the Bucs have yet to officially announce that cut.

Danny Gorrer had been injured for most of preseason and most of last year, but his talent still intrigued. When healthy, he showed an impressive transition and burst to the ball as a cornerback, as well as a willingness to tackle. He'd been training at both the slot and outside cornerback positions, but apparently the fact that he couldn't play did him in.

The Bucs have to cut one more player today to get to a 75-man rosterlovie, but they've yet to announce who that is.