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Buccaneers not signing Richie Incognito right now

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers could come back to Richie Incognito, but a signing is not imminent.


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers met with Richie Incognito yesterday, but they haven't signed him yet -- and no signing is imminent, either, according to Roy Cummings. That doesn't mean they won't sign the constantly trouble-causing guard in the (near) future. It just won't be right now.

I'm not overly concerned that the Bucs' locker room couldn't handle Richie Incognito, but it's far from a safe signing, and it's not like we're talking about a dominant player, either. He's shown in the past that he won't learn from his mistakes, as he's gotten into trouble at every point of his career, from college through all of his pro clubs.

Yesterday, Lovie Smith clarified that the meetings were more exploratory than focused on signing Incognito. They wanted to talk to him personally about his mistakes.

"I would like to talk to him myself," Lovie Smith said. "I'm going to give everyone the benefit of the doubt until I have information that tells me otherwise. And that's where we're at right now. And a part of that process is Incognito coming in."

Apparently, Incognito wasn't convincing enough to prompt an immediate signing, but the Bucs won't (publicly) discount the option of signing him at a later date. At this point, Incognito would have to get into football shape and learn the playbook in record time to contribute early, and that's assuming he can even convince the Bucs that his repeated troubles are in the past -- this would be his fourth or fifth chance at this point.