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Doug Martin will be a (fantasy) football star

Doug Martin is going to be very important for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers this season.

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Vaughn Ridley

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers made one thing very clear yesterday: Doug Martin is their feature back. Of the 15 first-half carries, Doug Martin received 12 of them. Of the four passes thrown to backs in the first half, Doug Martin got two of them. And the team's single goal-line carry was the Muscle Hamster's as well.

In other words: Doug Martin is who this offense is going to be based around. Not the passing game. Not the backup running backs, though they're no slouches. The Muscle Hamster is going to determine how far this offense goes.

We could see this yesterday, too. The Bucs used play-action to good effect. They had Doug Martin helping out in pass protection repeatedly. They used the threat of the run game to slow down the opposing pass rush, which helped their line tremendously.(

Yes, the Bucs offensive line is a mess. Yes, Bobby Rainey and Mike James will get some carries. But with Charles Sims out, Martin will be what Matt Forte was for the Bears last year: the foundation of the offense, and a valuable weapon in the passing game.

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