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Roster Cuts 2014: Buccaneers to start cutdown to 75 players

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will start their roster cutdown today.

Kevin Hoffman-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will start their roster cuts down to 75 players today, with 90 players currently on the roster. the Bucs have to finish those cuts by Tuesday, but Jason Licht has said that he will start the process today. That will allow them to grab a few extra players off the waiver wire if necessary, too.

The Bucs have made a whopping 114 roster moves so far this offseason, and they're far from finished. The turnover has been fairly spectacular for a team that didn't have that bad of a roster, but Licht and Lovie Smith have quickly remade the roster in their image.

With 90 players currently on the roster, the Bucs need to cut 15 players to round out the roster by Tuesday. After Thursday's game against Washington, they'll have to cut another 22 players to get down to 53 players by Saturday. Given that they'll probably add another handful of players by scouring the waiver wire, they'll have to disappoint even more players than that.

Key dates:

Cut down to 75 players by Tuesday, August 26

Cut down to 90 players by Saturday, August 30