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Buccaneers vs. Bills score update: Tampa Bay leads Buffalo 24-0 at the half

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers look pretty good against the Buffalo Bills so far.

Vaughn Ridley

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are still beating the Buffalo Bills at the half. With a dominant defensive performance by the Bucs the Buffalo Bills haven't been able to do anything on offense at all. Their defense hasn't been bad -- the main reason they're behind is that the Bucs keep getting ridiculously good field position, but the Bucs are clearly the better team on the field so far.

The scores were easy: a C.J. Spiller lost fumble led to a Doug Martin catch-and-run to the one-yard line, and he got to jump over the pile the very next play. A few futile Bills drives later, Josh McCown drove the team into field goal range by finding Mike Evans, Vincent Jackson and his leg. Connor Barth made it 10-0. The third score was a doozy, though: Adrian Clayborn and Michael Johnson combined for a sack, forced a fumble, and Clinton McDonald ran it in for a touchdown. That was all defense -- which is basically what the entire first half was like, too.

The most exciting touchdown was the third, though: Mike Evans with the double move to get open in the end zone, and Josh McCown with the on-the-money 24-yard throw for the rookie's first touchdown.

Still, overall the Bucs offense struggled -- and once again their offensive guard play was the main reason with both Patrick Omameh and Oniel Cousins getting blown up alternately. It's not as disastrous as it was the past two games, but this is going to be a problem all season long.

Here's your open thread for the second half!