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Mike Williams is ideal for the Bills, and other questions with Buffalo Rumblings

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Buffalo Bills face off later today, and Brian Galliford of Buffalo Rumblings was kind enough to join us and answer some questions to celebrate that joyous occasion.

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

1. The Bills actually have a surprising amount of talent on defense, but with Mike Pettine gone, can they put up another good season?

That depends on what you mean by "good," I think. Pettine's defense is a fantastic scheme that helped the Bills set a franchise record with 57 sacks (second in the NFL last year) and rake in 23 interceptions (also second in the league), but they were also fairly mediocre defending the run and struggled to get off the field on third downs at times. If the Jim Schwartz defense doesn't replicate the stats, but gets better against the run and on third downs, I doubt too many people will complain.

2. How has Mike Williams looked? Are you guys happy with that trade?

So far, so good. He's locked down a starting job opposite rookie Sammy Watkins, and y'all know what Williams at his best looks like: a guy that can make big plays on contested balls, and do some damage after the catch. That skill set is ideal for the Bills, who are trying to do everything they can to minimize the flaws of EJ Manuel. If Williams can keep his head on straight, he's a highly worthwhile investment.

3. Is E.J. Manuel your franchise quarterback? How has he done so far?

Again, that depends on the interpretation. He's the unquestioned starter, and without any shred of a doubt the player that the Doug Whaley and Doug Marrone regime has married itself to. They sink or swim with Manuel. But if you're taking a big-picture, "is he the guy?" angle, then my opinion is probably not, and my objective observation is that after just 10 starts, it's far too soon to tell. Manuel has an awful lot to work on, but he appears to have progressed somewhat between his first and second seasons based on a limited sample size this summer.

4. How do you feel about Doug Marrone? Is e the guy who's going to lead the Bills back to success?

My personal opinion on head coaches is that they bring programs, and players bring wins. Marrone flies under the radar because of Chip Kelly, but he has implemented some of the same up-tempo elements (albeit in a more traditional scheme) that has people raving about Kelly. But Kelly looks like he has a quarterback, while Marrone may not. Swap their quarterbacks, and maybe Marrone gets a lot more ink. Marrone will win in Buffalo if Manuel pans out.

5. Which Bills undrafted free agent should we look out for during the game?

Honestly? There aren't many interesting undrafted free agents on Buffalo's squad this year; the closest I can get is former Miami linebacker Jimmy Gaines, a Western New York native that might make the team because of a lot of extenuating circumstances at his position. There are, however, two seventh-round picks to keep an eye on: linebacker Randell Johnson, formerly of Florida Atlantic, who has flashed skill this summer; and especially tackle Seantrel Henderson, the top recruit and ex-Miami starter that nearly smoked his way out of the draft, who has since gotten his crap together, and who looks like he's emerged as the Bills' starting right tackle ahead of second-round pick Cyrus Kouandjio.