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Mike Evans gets in a fight at a night club - in March

Mike Evans did a dumb thing outside a night club, and punched a bouncer. No one got arrested.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

UPDATE: Mike Evans' agent told Greg Auman that this incident happened in March, two months before the draft. The agent said Evans was trying to get back in the club to get his girlfriend, and had not been drinking. Auman followed up with the nightclub, and the manager there confirmed that no incident occurred on Saturday night.

UPDATE 2: TMZ updated its story with a picture of Mike Evans and girlfriend from March 23, wearing the same clothes they're wearing in the video. This happened in March, not this past Saturday.

And we have our first young-athlete-being-a-bit-of-a-harmless-dumbass-in-public story of the 2014 Tampa Bay Buccaneers season. TMZ (why always TMZ?) has a report and video of Bucs rookie receiver Mike Evans getting into a minor scrape outside some nightclub in..actually the article doesn't state where it is, just at Dream Nightclub. There's one of those in Miami, so I guess that's where it happened?

Anyway, Mike Evans gets in an argument with a bouncer, the group he's with gets in a fight with a bouncer (it actually looks like that bouncer starts it), then Evans jumps in, there's some posturing nonsense and then it's over. Watch the non-excitement below.

This...this is just dumb. It doesn't even look like he's doing all that much. He's not de-escalating the fight, but he's not initiating it either. It's the kind of dumb fight outside a night club that happens a couple of times every night. Which is probably why, per TMZ, no one got arrested.

This isn't the kind of thing the league usually disciplines players for, either, but it might just be the kind of thing teams do punish players for. Usually that's handled internally in the form of fines, but with that video out there the Bucs are probably going to have to make some public statement about how they're disappointed and keeping any discipline private.

Basically: young guy gets overheated on a night out on town, nothing serious happens, the world moves on. It's not the smartest move, obviously, but it's not the kind of thing to be overly worried about. The fact that this happened on Saturday night (after a game!) and only came to light now should be enough to tell you that no serious consequences will come of this.