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Buccaneers are impressed with Austin Seferian-Jenkins' blocking

And Austin Seferian-Jenkins continues to impress.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Austin Seferian-Jenkins hype is unstoppable! The latest bit of hype justification comes courtesy of Greg Cosell, who appeared on the Fantasy Guru podcast and gave us a little more information on how ASJ is doing. Spoiler: really, really well.

"Absolutely [he can be a meaningful contributor in the passing game]," Cosell said. "And I know they are very impressed with his blocking, so they think ultimately he might be able to play more snaps than they initially thought. I like Seferian-Jenkins, I thought he was a more complete tight end coming out than Jace Amaro just because of the way he was used in college, he had a wider skillset. And I don't think he's disappointed at all."

The note on his blocking is interesting, because I was actually fairly disappointed with his blocking in the first game. Admittedly, I did not pay much attention to his blocking against the Dolphins. Something to watch for tomorrow. We know he can be productive as a receiver, but a key to his production will be getting on the field in running situations as well. And for that, he needs to be a good blocker.

More importantly, if he's a good blocker he can also be more versatile for the Bucs because he'll be more of a matchup problem for opposing teams. If he can consistently block a safety or nickelback, they can't defend him in the passing game with those players without giving up something in the running game. And if he can improve to the point where he can block 3-4 linebackers or even defensive ends, look out world!