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Injury updates on William Gholston, Brandon Magee and Mike James

Lovie Smith talked about recent injuries to several Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

In today's press conference, Lovie Smith said that William Gholston's injury shouldn't bother him in the regular season, per Greg Auman -- and then he threw some extra praise Gholston's way, too. If it weren't for this injury in preseason he may actually have a good chance of unseating Adrian Clayborn for the starting left defensive end spot, as Clayborn has once again struggled to beat offensive tackles as a pass rusher.

The news on linebacker Brandon Magee and running back Mike James is not so good, however. Both suffered injuries against the Dolphins, and Lovie Smith said that it would take "a while" for either player to get healthy, per Auman. Magee was actually making a name for himself as a physical, fast player who had a knack for attracting a few too many penalties. Him making the roster won't shock me, but it'll be a lot harder while not playing due to injury.

Meanwhile, with Mike James suffering a shoulder injury, the Bucs will likely need to find another running back, at least in the short term. With only Doug Martin and Bobby Rainey as running backs capable of carrying the load currently healthy and on the roster, another backup back would be useful. Jeff Demps is nice as a general offensive weapon, but he won't be able to consistently be an inside runner any time soon.

Lovie Smith also noted that he probably won't be able to say anything new on the injured players over the next couple of plays, which probably suggests that the injuries aren't season-ending, but rather relatively short-term injuries that could drag on for a few weeks.