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Chris Owusu earning starting job with the Buccaneers

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have found their third wide receiver.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are giving Chris Owusu a starting job, according to Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune.

Mike Evans and Vincent Jackson being the starting wide receivers is no surprise, but Chris Owusu being named one is. Owusu has always been talented, but has struggled to turn that talent into on-field production. He has looked fairly decent this preseason, but his production so far has been one catch for 17 yards, nullified by a holding penalty.

Owusu is fast, though, and he's a crisp route-runner with good hands. His issues were more that he didn't seem to be on the same page as the quarterback last year, which he appears to have fixed so far.

The fact that Owusu is a starter alongside Jackson and Evans doesn't mean he'll be a slot receiver, either. Jeff Tedford is very multiple in terms of formations and has displayed a vast array of different concepts in preseason so far, including a lot of spread and bunch formations. Owusu will line up at every spot on offense.

A few other players have made a strong case for a roster spot as well, including Solomon Patton as a returner and Louis Murphy, who's been consistently productive in two preseason games with the backups. Robert Herron has not done much, but both Lovie Smith and Jason Licht have been very positive on the sixth-round pick publicly.

Still, if all of those guys make the roster, that's just six roster spots, which is typically the amount of space teams reserve for wide receivers.