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Mike Evans for Offensive Rookie of the Year

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Mike Evans is one of the main contenders for the Offensive Rookie of the Year award, and Dan Rubenstein thinks he's a pretty good bet at +600. Minor confession: I don't have a clue what "+600" means. Your American betting terms confuse and frighten me.

I wrote about this before, though. I noted that wide receivers almost never win this award, and that even top 10 draft picks at receiver average just 500 receiving yards in their rookie seasons. It's just not a good position to make an impact as a rookie, nor to win that award.

Further hindering Evans is the fact that he's entering a complex offense, coming from a very simple one, while having missed a large potion of the offseason due to a hamstring strain.

Scott Smith disagreed with my take, though. So there's that.

Ultimately, whether or not he wins this award is beside the point. The question is whether he can help the Bucs win games this season, and especially help their offense be productive. In whatever way possible -- and that will include not just being a pass-catcher, but also being an effective run-blocker.