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Pat Kirwan leaves Lavonte David off his top 100

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Another top 100, and another set of complaints relating to Lavonte David and Gerald McCoy. Hey, it's what we do.

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Scott Cunningham

After Pete Prisco's Top 100 yesterday, Pat Kirwan gave it a go, too. And we wouldn't be us if we didn't take this opportunity to complain about Gerald McCoy and Lavonte David, who land at number 42 and number....wait, David isn't even on the list? What the hell?

To be fair, Kirwan admitted that omitting Lavonte David was a mistake, an oversight, a gaffe, a mess-up, a moment of confusion: "I didn't realize the guy had made, in two years, 50 plays behind the line of scrimmage."

Fair enough. The Bucs haven't been very high-profile in recent years and I guess if you don't pay a lot of attention you could miss out on the awesomeness that is the best linebacker in the NFL.

But that doesn't excuse placing Gerald McCoy at number 42 on the list. Behind Geno Atkins, behind Ndamukong Suh, behind even Haloti Ngata. In fact, Kirwan had Suh as the top defensive tackle in the NFL. Why? Because Suh is a "beast" who has "more sacks than McCoy". "I just like the aggressiveness of the player."

That's a fairly ludicrous argument, given the fact that Gerald McCoy managed 9.5 sacks to Ndamukong Suh's 5.5 last year. That McCoy managed 80 pressures per Pro Football Focus' measures, more than any other defensive tackle. That he has more sacks than Suh over the past two years. That he has more tackles for loss than Suh. And that he did all of that while playing in a scheme that limited his ability to make plays, and with no help around him on the defensive line. Contrast that with Suh, who has consistently had quality edge rushers and interior rushers surrounding him.

None of that is to take anything away from Suh, who has been a very good player, especially over the past two years. Despite his off-field and on-field antics, he's certainly been worthy of the second overall pick. It's just that Gerald McCoy is now a better player. A better pass-rusher, a better run-defender, someone who makes more plays, and someone who has turned into a true leader on defense.

To be fair, Kirwan at least acknowledges that McCoy is a perfect fit in Lovie Smith's scheme and should have (even more of) a breakout season.

PS: Vincent Jackson was number 82. No other Bucs made Kirwan's list.