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Bucs Nation Radio: Carl Nicks, Adrian Clayborn and Training Camp Vines

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Ken and Leo are back with another podcast, and this time, they discuss the Buccaneer offensive line, defensive line, and Vine.

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The Buccaneers have only been practicing for one weekend, and there have been big changes and revelations at One Buccaneer place. Ken and Leo are here to talk about everything and sort out where the team is headed.

The guys talk about Carl Nicks' departure and how the offensive line looks in the early days of training camp. Can the Bucs recover from the loss of their All-Pro guard, and what kind of scheme will the team be running along the line under new offensive coordinator Jeff Tedford?

The topic then switches to the rest of training camp, as Leo breaks down the quarterback battle, the depth at receiver, and what to make of the cornerback depth chart based on what's happened in practice so far.

And finally, we answer a reader comment with a request for discussion about Adrian Clayborn, and consider how he fits in a make-or-break season in Tampa.

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And as always, leave your comments and questions in the comment section below, or contact Leo via Twitter or e-mail if you'd like your question to be answered on the next episode of the podcast.