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Daily Bucs Links: First day in pads

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Here's your open thread for today. Training camp continues today. Anyone going there?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Inside Bucs Training Camp 7-27-Pewter Report
Training camp notes.

Buccaneers Camp Report: Day 3 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers Blog - ESPN
More training camp notes. » Blog Archive » Training Camp Notes & Observations — Day 3 - Tampa Bay Bucs Blog
And training camp notes some more.

VIDEO: Bucs Training Camp Report Day 3
So many training camp notes.

Bucs' Mark Barron Clarifies His Injury and Talks About His Pick
Knee injury? Ugh.

Bucs nickel back Leonard Johnson won't let himself relax | Tampa Bay Times
You have to relax sometimes.

Bucs put on pads for the first time | Tampa Bay Times

Bucs hot reads: Barron's knee still not 100% |, The Tampa Tribune and The Tampa Times
That might be a problem.

Expectations high for new Bucs DE Johnson |, The Tampa Tribune and The Tampa Times

Bucs notes: Doug Martin welcome contact |, The Tampa Tribune and The Tampa Times
That's when he stands out.

Training Camp Quote Notebook 7-27-Pewter Report
All the quotes.

Demps' Training Camp Diary: A TD In First Day In Full Pads-Pewter Report
Jeff Demps talks again.

Tedford's Offense Key For Bucs' Success In 2014-Pewter Report
Well, of course.

Bucs Host Special Olympic Athletes After Sunday's Practice-Pewter Report

McCown Excited For Fresh Start - ESPN Video - ESPN
McCown's so excite. » Blog Archive » Tommy Streeter Came To Play - Tampa Bay Bucs Blog
I'm not buying the  hype for a third-year practice squad player.

[Video] Sapp's Homecoming at Bucs Camp
Sapp is back.

[Video] Defensive Drills with Warren Sapp
Sapp narrates a bit of Bucs practice.

[Video] McCoy and Sapp One-On-One
Sapp is always so giddy when he talks about McCoy.

[Video] Bucs Finally Put on the Pads

[Video] 7-27 Insider-Johnson fights for the nickel
And is winning, for now.

James Lofton is the Yards Per Catch King —
Vincent Jackson is pretty high up, too.