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Lovie Smith talks about Carl Nicks, Gerald McCoy and Bucs' first practice in training camp

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers held their first very short practice today. We have pictures, video and lots of quotes from training camp.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Tampa Bay Buccaneers training camp got off to a rough start today. One lightning delay took 110 minutes and when they finally took the field again they lasted about fifteen minutes before calling it a day due to another incoming bolt of lightning. That's the problem with afternoon practice in Tampa.

Leo was at that practice, as short as it was, and will have some personal observations on all of that at some point. In the mean time, though, let's talk about what Lovie Smith had to say, because there was plenty of that.

On Carl Nicks

Lovie Smith was gracious about Carl Nick's departure, who simply can't football anymore at this point. That's tough, but injuries are part of football.

More interesting were his comments on the starting guards. It's still an open competition, but the two starters are Jamon Meredith and Oniel Cousins at left and right guard respectively. We'll see whether that sticks, and I expect it won't, but that's where they stand now.

On the weather delay

This was just part of football, according to Lovie Smith. An opportunity to practice rain delays. I mean, sure, but wouldn't you prefer practicing, you know, football? That seems like it'd be a useful thing. I'm just sayin'.

On Gerald McCoy

Hey, did you know Lovie Smith really likes Gerald McCoy? Because he does. He's now the team's "franchise player". The "leader of [their] football team."  "As good an inside player as there is." Lovie couldn't stop gushing about the man.

Gerald McCoy isn't going anywhere, guys.

On Josh McCown

Lovie Smith loves McCown. This is nothing new, but he once again reiterated that he's a great leader, a good football player, makes great decisions etc. They like Mike Glennon, but Josh McCown is the starting quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

On the nickelback situation

Lovie Smith mentioned that D.J. Moore had gone down with an injury, which may have played a part in his release. He specifically mentioned Leonard Johnson and Danny Gorrer as players he likes at that position. My money's on Gorrer.

On losing weight

Lovie Smith basically asked everyone to lose weight. Austin Seferian-Jenkins lost 15 lbs. compared to his college days, which is something he said he wanted to after being drafted, too. But that's across the board: they wanted a faster football team, and that meant losing weight and turning weight into muscles.

On Mason Foster

He's been impressed with what Mason Foster's done, who has lost some weight. "Weight is one of the most overrated things there is." Lovie Smith doesn't care about size: he cares about speed. He noted that Dane Fletcher lost some weight, too. It didn't sound like Fletcher would seriously challenge Foster.

Pictures and Vines

I really like the guys running the Bucs' Twitter, because they post stuff like this: