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Bucs Nation Radio, Episode 1: Buccaneers Training Camp Preview

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Bucs Nation's podcast might sound a bit different than it used to, but it's back! Let's get ready for training camp, audio-style.

Stacy Revere

Ken and Leo are back, and Ken is VERY excited about the new podcast they're doing for Bucs Nation (He says "new" about five times during the intro).

In this episode, the guys look ahead to training camp and consider some of the major storylines for the Buccaneers ahead of the 2014 NFL Season.

What are some of the most interesting position battles that lie ahead of the Bucs? How will the depth chart shake out at some of the most competitive positions on the team? Leo and Ken share their thoughts on some of the toughest camp competitions.

How will the Bucs use all of their offensive weapons? Can they look like the Patriots on offense? (Leo thinks they can.)

The guys also discuss who they want to see impress during training camp, including Da'Quan Bowers, Clinton McDonald and all of the corners (Ken doesn't like the Darrelle Revis departure, just in case it was unclear.)

Have a question for the podcast? Check out Leo's Twitter and send him a tweet, or use the e-mail found in his Twitter bio.

You can subscribe to the podcast on Podomatic, with iTunes access coming soon.