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Previewing position groups for Buccaneers training camp

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Training camp for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers starts on Friday. We have previews for every position group for you.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Training camp is almost here! We're almost through the dead part of the offseason! I'm so relieved. That means we need position previews so you can have an idea of which position groups to pay attention to. So, let's see those.

Leo was good enough to write a series of position previews, polling everyone's opinion about the quality of the position groups compared to last year. Not surprisingly, the only position group viewed as worse was...offensive guard. Overall, a whopping 96% of readers thought the Buccaneers are now a more talented football team than they were last year.

You can find all of those position previews below, along with the poll results. Some useful reading while we get ready for training camp.

Position Previews

Quarterback: 90% better

Running Back: 98% better

Wide Receiver: 86% better

Tight End: 99% better

Offensive Tackle: 82% better

Offensive Guard: 26% better

Center: 66% better

Defensive End: 99% better

Defensive Tackle: 99% better

Linebacker: 71% better

Cornerback: 78% better

Safety: 94% better