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Season By Season History of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 1992

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The Buccaneers made another swift coaching change, and brought in a head coach who promised to get more out of the Bucs roster. Would he succeed?

Bill Parcells was close to becoming the Bucs' new head coach in 1992.
Bill Parcells was close to becoming the Bucs' new head coach in 1992.
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Before the start of training camp and the official kickoff of the 2014 Buccaneers season, Bucs Nation will take you through every season in Buccaneers history, one by one, to paint the whole picture of how the Buccaneers got to where they are today.

We continue with the 1992 season, with a new coach but the same old results... for now.

Season Recap

Record: 5-11 (Tied for third in the NFC Central)

Points scored: 267 (21st in NFL)

Points against: 365 (25th in NFL)

The Same Exact Defense: Despite changing coaches and getting a big rookie season out of defensive lineman Santana Dotson, the Buccaneers finished with the same amount of points allowed and the same NFL defensive ranking as the year before. New head coach Sam Wyche was unable to get anything new out of the Buccaneers' 4-3 defense, which switched from a 3-4 just a couple of years prior.

A Respectable Running Back: For the first time since the mid 80's, in James Wilder's prime, the Bucs had a strong performance from a running back. Reggie Cobb finished with nine touchdowns and 1327 yards from scrimmage in 1992, fumbling only three times on his 331 touches.

Another Coach, Another Disappointing Year for Vinny: Despite claiming that he could get more out of the Buccaneers' roster, Sam Wyche couldn't do much with struggling big-money quarterback Vinny Testaverde, who would throw more interceptions than touchdowns yet again in 1992. Things were a bit more respectable in the QB Rating department, but the passing offense was still in the middle of the pack in the NFL.

Key Games

A Promising Start: The Buccaneers jumped out to 2-0 in 1992, with the second victory coming against the would be 9-7 Green Bay Packers. The final margin was a 31-3 thumping, thanks to nearly 400 yards of offense and three forced turnovers.

Steve Young Strikes Back: The Bucs started the season 2-0, but would be 4-10 entering a late-season showdown with the 49ers. And it would be former Buccaneer Steve Young who would lead the Niners to a fourth quarter go-ahead score and a victory over the Bucs, 21-14.

Major Storylines

Owner Hugh Culvervouse had no patience with Richard Williamson, who was fired as head coach immediately following the 1991 season. The Bucs needed a new coach, and Culverhouse was convinced that getting a higher profile name on the sidelines would help attendance.

So after what seemed to Culverhouse like a promising meeting with Bill Parcells, he was disappointed and frustrated to learn that Parcells wouldn't be taking the job. This led to more and more interviews, which eventually ended up with Sam Wyche getting the job.

Wyche was certainly not as big of a name as Parcells, but he did lead the Bengals to some serious success in the 80's, including a trip to the Super Bowl in the 1988 season.

But without a first round pick (from the ill-fated Chris Chandler deal), Wyche didn't have a lot to work with when taking over the Bucs roster. He managed a strong start, but just like most of Ray Perkins' teams, things faded out mid-season, and the Bucs didn't find themselves in the thick of the playoff hunt at season's end.

A tackling machine from the Steelers was on his way next season, and combined with Wyche's ability to get the running game in Tampa going again, there was reason to feel optimistic. But ultimately, 1992 was just another double-digit losing season for a franchise with a decade of some of the worst football in NFL history behind them.