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Daily Bucs Links: Early Roster Predictions

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It's never too early to predict the Bucs' final roster.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Better late than never, here are some words you can click on to read things about the Bucs, football, and life.

Bleacher Report - Projected Buccaneers' Final 53-Man Roster, Pre-Training Camp Edition, Luke Easterling

Not sure I agree with bringing THAT many guards, even if there are injury concerns...

ESPN - Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Projected Roster, Pat Yasinskas

I also think there will be more than five corners on the final roster. Danny Gorrer, Rashaan Melvin and others are going to be too good for Lovie to let go of.

CBS Tampa - Vincent Jackson Is Looking Forward To An Up Tempo Offense

We all are, Vincent. We all are.

Yahoo's Roto Arcade - Juggernaut Index, No. 23: The Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Andy Behrens

The Bucs won't feature very high on many power rankings, mainly because most writers haven't been paying attention this offseason. But when it comes to fantasy football-centric power rankings, the Bucs deserve this spot on a countdown.

News-Press - Voice of FSU Football Hits Road Full Speed Ahead, Jim Henry

A cool look at Gene Deckerhoff as he gets ready for football season.

Bonus Article

Gawker - My 14-Hour Search for the End of TGI Friday's Endless Appetizers, Caity Weaver

I am so, so sorry, Caity.