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Davin Joseph played on "one leg", admits there were locker-room issues with Buccaneers

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We all knew things weren't quite right in Tampa last season, and Davin Joseph just lifted the veil on some of those issues.

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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were not a good football team last season, and sometimes it seems like fans spent a lot of time shifting the blame between Greg Schiano and Josh Freeman. But issues popped up throughout the season in many different places, and that led to a mass exodus of players after the season -- especially on offense. One of those departing players was Davin Joseph, who talked about those issues to JoeBucsFan in an extensive interview.

Joseph was the worst player on an already struggling offensive line, and should have been benched long before Jamon Meredith and Ted Larsen were victimized by the coaching staff. But a veteran with clout in the locker room is not benched easily, and he played an entire year.

Joseph told JoeBucsFan that he indeed played on effectively one leg last year, still recovering from the knee injury he suffered the year before. Of course, what goes unsaid here is that Joseph is a 30-year-old recovering from three knee injuries, which makes solid recovery unlikely, and his $6 million price tag made his release from the Bucs effectively a foregone conclusion.

More interesting are Joseph's reflections on the locker-room culture last season. He notes that "the mixture just wasn't right," but that he personally really liked Greg Schiano. But that apparently didn't go for everyone in the locker room, as they seemed to struggle with Schiano's in-your-face coaching. "I guess the struggle between the players and the coaches within caused a lot of issues."

Not so obvious? Joseph's insistence that Freeman did everything he could to be a great quarterback.

"You can work as hard as you can and be in the best shape of your life, sometimes you just don't play that well. Josh did everything he could from what I saw to be the great quarterback we wanted him to be. Things just didn't pan out."

That seems a little unlikely given the documented missing of meetings and the sudden and rather total collapse of his play last season, and toward the end of the year before. A rather large contrast with the quality of play we'd seen him from him at other times.

There's a lot more worth reading in that interview over at JoeBucsFan.