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Buccaneers new-look offense impresses Greg Cosell

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Some more positive opinions on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' offense. Everyone's optimistic at this time of year.

Brian Blanco

Every once in a while, Greg Cosell appears on the Fantasy Guru podcast to say things about every team in the league. Usually, the Bucs kind of get skipped over because there's not a lot to say about them in a fantasy football context. Not this year, though, and Cosell was surprisingly optimistic about the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' offensive chances this year.

"There is a lot to work with. Obviously McCown is going to be the start, and I think Josh [McCown] will do really well down there. This is a good offense, they've got a number of backs as well. So I would expect that this offense will do extremely well. With [Vincent] Jackson and [Mike] Evans on the outside and they drafted this kid Robert Herron from Wyoming, who's a smaller, quicker kid who I think is a really intriguing player as well. So I would expect pretty good things from this offense. This team is pretty talented overall."

Good words from a good NFL expert. It's always fun when people say positive things about the Bucs, even more so when I can actually respect that expert's opinion.

"They may not have the edge rushers that Lovie wants in his defense. Michael Johnson is going to have to fill sort of the Simeon Rice role and I'm not sure that's what Michael Johnson is. He's a good player, but I don't know if he's that guy."

That's a fair concern, though I think Gerald McCoy's dominance will mitigate that problem. And, honestly, Michael Johnson was basically the best player they could have signed this offseason. There was no dominant edge rusher available, not after the Panthers tagged Greg Hardy. So while Johnson may not be the ideal player at that position, he'll do -- he'll have to do. And he certainly represents an upgrade over Adrian Clayborn, who appears to be the frontrunner to start on the opposite side.

One minor tidbit: Cosell noted that Drew Brees' arm strength seemed to be declining, as he struggled to push the ball down the field toward the end of the season. Obviously arm strength isn't everything (hi there Peyton Manning), but it's a good reminder that Brees and that Saints offense won't be around to torment the Bucs forever. At some point, they're going to have to move on. Let's just hope they don't so successfully.