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Fox Sports also praises the Buccaneers into the heavens

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Fox Sports trolls Tampa Bay Buccaneers fans by offering completely disparate views on their prospects this season.

Fox Sports is apparently the ultimate website for trolling sports teams. First, they call the Tampa Bay Buccaneers the worst team in the NFL. Then, they call them a likely team to do much better in 2014, with a video that is incredibly complimentary of the Buccaneers. Have your pie and eat it, too!

The panel's pretty fun to watch, though. Brian Urlacher was so excited, he must have said "excited" an excitedly high number of exciting times. Donovan McNabb praised the Buccaneers' secondary, with two of the "most-feared safeties in the game", and the outstanding depth at cornerback. Randy Moss was so excited about the team's huge receiving weapons that he wanted to come back and suit up. As a quarterback.

But Gerald McCoy and Lavonte David got most of the praise, for obvious reasons. In fact, Brian Urlacher called David the most athletic player to play the Will linebacker position. Yes, he explicitly said that David is more athletic than Lance Briggs and Derrick Brooks. That is some hefty praise.

One interesting note: Jay Glazer says that the Buccaneers thought about trading back and taking tackle Zack Martin to help the offensive guard position, but they felt like they couldn't pass up a talent like Mike Evans, who also fits what they wanted to do.

So yes, Fox Sports, you did a good job. You trolled us into making two posts about your commentary by providing two opposite opinions.