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The Buccaneers Are the Worst Team In the NFL, If You Believe Fox Sports Live

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They added insult to injury by not even using the most up-to-date logo and helmet.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

There's reason for optimism in Tampa this summer, as the Buccaneers seem to have improved since their disappointing 4-12 season a year ago, which earned them the seventh pick in the draft.

Apparently, not everyone agrees.

The folks behind the scenes at Fox Sports Live have begun their "32 to 1" series, and named the Bucs as the worst team in the NFL.

The fact that the social media team and producers for Fox Sports 1 used the old Bucs logo and font might indicate that they haven't been paying attention this spring, because no matter how pessimistic you can be about the Bucs, there is literally no way to declare them the worst team in the NFL.

Lavonte David and Gerald McCoy alone represent a more talented duo of players than any you'll find on at least a dozen teams in the NFL, while the defense in general is loaded with good players at every level. And while there is plenty of room for pessimism on offense, there's even more to worry about in places like Oakland, Jacksonville and Tennessee.

Just to make sure I wasn't crazy, I put out the call on Twitter to make sure others agreed that this ranking was awful. Thankfully, I got some positive responses.

The fact that a list like this could see the Raiders ahead of the Buccaneers immediately calls into question the validity of the rankings, no matter where both teams fall. Putting the Bucs last makes it even worse.

If you think there's any way to justify the Buccaneers ranking as the worst team in the NFL, leave it in the comments. I'm anxious to see if anyone has a serious justification for this seemingly absurd ranking.