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Create the Ultimate Buccaneers Roster with 27 Dollars

You have free reign to build the foundation for the ultimate Bucs roster, but you only have 27 dollars. Which players do you choose?

Al Messerschmidt

You have $27 dollars, and you've been tasked with assembling the foundation for the ultimate Tampa Bay Buccaneers roster. How on earth is that going to work?

You may have seen this craze going around the Internet lately, where you're asked to assemble a team, band, or some other collection of things with a hypothetical budget. So why not do one for the Buccaneers?

Many thanks to my friend JJ Zachariason of for creating these slick images for our experiment.

You have 12 dollars to spend on offense. Here are your choices:

(Click on images to make them bigger.)


This is really a sad state of affairs, isn't it? The record holder for almost every quarterback statistic in Tampa barely makes the list, while journeymen fill the remainder of the options.

Running back is a bit better, with some dynamic options to choose from. Note that adding Mike Alstott will require an extra three dollars, so be prepared to spend light at the other positions.

Wide receiver has some solid options, but can you keep Keyshawn under control? And finally, at tight end, we see a similarly thin list to what we see at quarterback. It's just not a glamorous position in Bucs history.

For my team, I'm going to take Jeff Garcia, Michael Pittman and Mike Alstott, Joey Galloway and Kellen Winslow Jr. As long as I can keep Kellen's mind right, I feel like I'm giving Garcia a balanced offense.

And now for the defense and head coach:


The choices are much harder here, and even though you have 15 bucks to play with, you have to also select your head coach.

(Offense and defense are separated because every reasonable Bucs fan would save up all of their money to get Sapp, Brooks and Barber. Had to make it a bit challenging!)

At the defensive line, you have two Hall of Famers to choose from, but also one of the best defensive ends in recent history in Simeon Rice. It's probably wise to spend big at this spot.

Next up is linebacker, where the top three picks are almost as good as the first three along the line. Can you afford to go cheap here?

Then we have the corners, where a future Hall of Famer tops the list. No Revis, though, because I'm still kinda sad about that.

And finally at safety, do you go cheap to get the Super Bowl MVP? Or spend big to get John Lynch?

Head coach will be very interesting, as well, as there are four Super Bowl caliber coaches to choose from, plus one of the greatest defensive minds in the history of the game. Who do you want to lead your team?

For defense, I'm going to go with Rice, Nickerson, Barber, Barron and Smith at head coach.

That leaves me with the following roster:

QB: Jeff Garcia

RB: Michael Pittman

FB: Mike Alstott

WR: Joey Galloway

TE: Kellen Winslow Jr.

DE: Simeon Rice

LB: Hardy Nickerson

CB: Ronde Barber

S: Mark Barron

HC: Lovie Smith

Leave your picks in the comments below, and let me know what you think of my picks as well!