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Mike Evans expects to "play hard and make plays"

Mike Evans isn't all that clear on what he'll be doing this year. Except, of course, catching passes.

We've covered this interview before, and you should really watch it again, but one thing we didn't cover at the time was Evans' adjustment to the NFL, and what the coaches had told him at that point. So, let's talk about that.

"Just mainly going over the plays," Mike Evans says in the video. "Trying to get the playbook down, getting a good hang of it. It's something I'm not familiar with coming from the spread offense in college, but I'm getting the hang of it."

That's the main concern for Evans going forward. He made a slew of impressive plays in college, and continued to do so in training camp, but they weren't a result of an intricate, carefully orchestrated passing game where he had to operate in a variety of ways. Mostly, he lined up on the right side and ran slants, go routes and comebacks. I'm exaggerating, of course, but this will be an adjustment.

So what do they expect out of Evans? How will they use him? What will he be asked to do? "Play hard and make plays. Whenever the ball comes my way just try to make a play."

Well, that's kind of what Julio Jones did as a rookie, and he managed 959 receiving yards in just 13 games in his first year. I wouldn't expect that out of Evans, exactly, but an advanced knowledge of the position isn't a prerequisite for being productive as a rookie receiver. Of course, that would certainly help.