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Mike Williams in danger of being cut by the Buffalo Bills

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers may have cut ties with Mike Williams just in time, while he was still worth a sixth-round pick. Instead of, you know, nothing.

Al Messerschmidt

It looks like Mike Williams is in danger of being cut this year. Again. This time, by the Buffalo Bills, the team that gave up a sixth-round pick for the services of the now-troubled wide receiver.

According to ESPN's Mike Rodak, Mike Williams "didn't stand out" in offseason workouts so far, and "there isn't a particular skill that he brings to the table" that would make him stand out to the team's coaching staff. All of that despite the fact that the Bills traded away Stevie Johnson to the San Francisco 49ers. Rodak sees Sammy Watkins, Robert Woods, Marquise Woods and Marcus Easley as locks for the 53-man roster, which would leave him fighting Chris Hogan and T.J. Graham for a roster spot. Williams does have one advantage: his salary this year is guaranteed.

This is quite the fall for a player who, just a year ago, signed a big contract extension. A player who was seen as, if not a true number one receiver, at least one of the best number twos in the NFL. Someone who was basically as productive as Dez Bryant over the first three years of his career.

Perhaps he's still struggling with the after-effects of the hamstring injury he struggled to play through last year, or perhaps he's simply lost the drive that made him a good NFL player. And perhaps the Buccaneers saw this coming, although the trade was executed before the coaching staff ever got a chance to work with Williams on the field.

This is essentially a vindication of Pewter Report's initial reporting that the Bucs could end up cutting Williams in training camp (which I mercilessly mocked at the time, in part because of the moralistic reasoning displayed by Greg Schiano and Mark Dominik). It certainly looks like Mike Williams is in danger of being cut by the Buffalo Bills this year.

It's also a vindication of the Buccaneers' decision to let Williams go in trade. While their receiving corps is still suffering from depth issues, the addition of Mike Evans, Louis Murphy and Robert Herron still makes it look better than last year's group. And they didn't need Williams for that.