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Vincent Jackson is #44 on the NFL Top 100 of 2014

Vincent Jackson is the first Tampa Bay Buccaneer to appear on the NFL Top 100 of 2014. Who else will the NFL players vote onto this list?

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers finally have their first player on the NFL Top 100 of 2014, with Vincent Jackson coming in at number 44. The huge receiver actually improved his ranking on the top 100 despite a slightly worse season, as he came in at number 52 last year. You can find Jackson's NFL Films vignette at the official NFL Top 100 website.

Jackson caught a considerable amount of flak last year, and I was never quite able to figure out why. He got tackled at the goal-line a couple of times, but to hold getting to the goal-line against him seems ridiculously petty. He had a few too many drops at the start of the season, but that issue disappeared as the season went on, and didn't prevent him from posting a ridiculous statline on an anemic offense.

The big wide receiver really has been that rarest of birds: the premium free agent actually worth his money, at least so far. He's produced over 2,600 yards and 15 touchdowns in his two seasons with the Buccaneers. His past two seasons have been more productive than any of his seasons before coming to Tampa. That really is more than anyone could have asked for when they signed the 6'5" receiver out of San Diego. And at 31, he should have at least a couple of years of very productive play left in him.

The NFL top 100 isn't really a relevant measure, as it's voted on by players who are asked to select just a handful of players for their own top lists, which leads to a few odd selections and oversights every year. Still, it's a pretty good excuse to watch some high-quality NFL films vignettes. That's always fun.

Jackson won't be the final Buccaneer to appear on this player-voted list, though. Gerald McCoy is almost certain to be very, very high on this list after being named a first-team All-Pro and generally just being defensive destruction incarnated. Lavonte David should be on this list, but the fact that it's player-voted and the fact that the players left him off the Pro Bowl list makes me a bit nervous about the possibility of yet another David snub.

Alterraun Verner and Michael Johnson might make the list, though that's a little unlikely at this point, while former Buc Darrelle Revis should be on it, too. Doug Martin won't make it, given his injury, and neither will Demar Dotson despite his high PFF grades, unless something very strange happens.