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Josh McCown talks about Jeff Tedford's innovative offense

Josh McCown lifts a bit of the veil on the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' new offense.

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Josh McCown talked to's Jeff Darlington yesterday after the team's first mini-camp practice, and he shed a little more light on Jeff Tedford's approach to the offense. Apparently, it's innovative. Shocking, I know.

"Bringing a fresh perspective to the game, which was needed, you know. You come in and bring some plays and you lay them in front of you and you go 'Okay, I've not seen that in a while' or 'I haven't seen that yet at all'. You know this is different, nobody in the NFL is maybe doing that. Just different things like that you appreciate because throughout the years in the NFL you kind of get into 'this is the way this is done or that is done', period. "

"I think we saw it last year with Philadelphia and Chip Kelly and we continue to see that there are new ideas always coming in. That's been the best part, I think, is just seeing what new thing he has, what new play he is. And then just watching him teach us, install it and kind of put his signature on what we're going to do on offense."

Of course, you need some quality players to execute any offense -- and McCown loves his targets, too.

"Obviously the physical skills and the tools that are there are attractive. They do those things well. If a guy's 6'4" you want him to be 6'4", you want him to play 6'4", you want him to play big. Vincent [Jackson] does that, Mike [Evans] does that."

New offenses take time to learn, though, and the Buccaneers are going through those growing pains right now. We probably can't expect them be entirely fluent in Tedford's system by season's start -- but it's a process that appears to be going well.

"You have to put in the time," McCown told the media yesterday. "And that's what we're saying with the young guys. There's extra things that need to get done to get that established, and it's still a process, it's still a daily thing, but it's grabbing the extra hours here and there at night to spend together that maybe gives us an edge, maybe speeds that learning curve up."

Overall, we'll have to wait and see -- which appears to be the general theme this year, anyway.