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NFL Draft Rumors: Buccaneers fielding calls to move down

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have opportunities to trade down, the question is whether they want to.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Rich Hollenberg of NFL Network reports that the Buccaneers are fielding calls to trade down, and Jason Licht thinks that's because there will be a run at wide receiver at the top of the second round. Trading down would be a sensible move for the Buccaneers, who had only six picks entering the draft and could use some more depth across the board. 

What Hollenberger didn't say was whether the Bucs would prefer to move down. Tampa Bay would doubtless like to add a few more picks to fill their top remaining needs, but a trade down means giving up on some of the top players still on the board. And, of course, a trade doesn't happen without a good offer -- not just any offer will do. 

Still, the Buccaneers could use a few extra picks. They must add a (starting) guard at some point in the draft, and could use another wide receiver or pass rusher at either defensive tackle or defensive end. Other possibilities include quarterback, tight end, cornerback and safety. Wait, I think I just listed every position on the roster, except for special teams positions. And a new kicker or punter would save them a good deal of cap space, so you can add that to the list, too. 

A trade down wouldn't be very shocking at this point. It wouldn't have been shocking in the first round, either, but it would make even more sense now. 

Buccaneers' remaining picks

Round Pick Overall
2 6 38
3 5 69
4 Traded to Jets
5 3 143
6 Traded to Bears
6 9 (from Bills) 185
7 6 221