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Mike Glennon trade: Buccaneers have no plans to move quarterback

Despite consistent reports that the Tampa Bay Buccaneers weren't going to stick with Mike Glennon as their backup quarterback, the team's stance has changed dramatically over the past two days.

Mike Ehrmann

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won't be trading Mike Glennon, according to ESPN's Ed Werder.

This fits with Lovie Smith's proclamation yesterday that Mike Glennon is their "quarterback for the future" and that he loves Mike Glennon, despite months of harping on athleticism at quarterback and implying that the Bucs would certainly take a look at quarterback in the draft.

Either the Bucs interviewing, visiting with and working out every quarterback under the sun was a complete smokescreen, or this is a smokescreen in an effort to drive down a QB, or this is some PR spin after the Bucs decided they couldn't adequately replace him. 

Regardless, it seems the Buccaneers are doubling down on Mike Glennon as their backup quarterback -- and possibly the starter, if he beats out Josh McCown in training camp (but that's unlikely). That doesn't mean the Bucs definitely won't draft a quarterback over the next two days, but a seventh-round pick on a third-string player seems a lot more likely than a second-round pick on an heir apparent to Josh McCown, right now. 

Of course, plans can change quickly. If a team comes calling with a quality offer, they could decide to offload Mike Glennon anyway. And if a quarterback they like falls far enough, they could take him anyway. Nothing's decided yet. It's just becoming a little less likely.