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Buccaneers like Johnny Manziel, not at seventh overall pick

The latest 2014 NFL draft report has the Tampa Bay Buccaneers loving Johnny Manziel, just not enough to take him at seven overall.

Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers like Johnny Manziel. They just don't think he's worthy of the seventh overall pick. That's what Peter King said on Sirius XM NFL radio today, according to JoeBucsFan. This fits with Jay Glazer's earlier report, which said the Bucs wouldn't draft Johnny Manziel with the seventh overall pick. 

If true, this means Jason Licht and Lovie Smith have a tough choice to make: do they "reach" for a quarterback they like, or do they trade down and hope he falls to a spot where they'd consider him a better value pick, risking his disappearance off the board altogether?

Of course, we've heard so many different reports over the past few days that it's hard to tell truth from fiction. As seems to be the case with these pesky NFL drafts. 

Of course, waiting for a quarterback to fall is a very dangerous game to play. Quarterbacks are such rare commodities that they get pushed up in drafts, which means that some team is likely to select any passer you like well before where you think he "should" be picked. If the Bucs find a way to trade down, who's to say the Minnesota Vikings or Tennessee Titans won't snatch up Manziel before they get a chance to pick him?

Not that that would necessarily be a bad thing. There are other quarterbacks to be had in this draft, and Lovie Smith and company could look to someone like Derek Carr or Teddy Bridgewater instead, while using the trade down to fill some extra needs. But if they really love Manziel, trading down is a dangerous option. 

Making things more complicated is Jay Glazer's best guess that Manziel will fall to the 20th overall pick, while Adam Schefter has said Johnny Manziel won't fall past the thirteenth overall pick. Oh draft day rumors, never change.