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Jay Glazer: Buccaneers won't take Johnny Manziel at 7

Will the Tampa Bay Buccaneers pick Johnny Manziel? Not at number seven, according to Jay Glazer.

Ronald Martinez

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers won't pick Johnny Manziel at number seven, if Jay Glazer can be believed. 

Jay Glazer has been ridiculously accurate throughout his career, despite not being a traditional print journalist. If we can trust him, this likely means the Bucs don't like Johnny Manziel that high. Instead, they may be looking at DT Aaron Donald or WR Mike Evans. 

Does that mean the Bucs simply won't take him that high -- or that Manziel won't fall that far (or that they'd trade up for him)? Yesterday's rumors had the Bucs trading up to number two for Manziel, and now today's report has them passing on him if he falls to number seven (which seems unlikely). Now we really don't know what to believe. 

Johnny Manziel to the Bucs makes some sense, as defensive coaches tend to love players they think they'd struggle to defend. He also has the quick release and mobility Jeff Tedford craves, with a decently strong arm. If Tedford thinks he can harness Manziel's improvisational ability, he could very well be the pick. 

On the other hand, Manziel has plenty of question marks, too. That improvisational ability could turn into disastrous plays in the NFL, while he doesn't consistently display the ability to stay within the structure of his offense. Can he learn to do that in the NFL? 

Regardless, the beat goes on and we don't know what to believe. Just a few more hours and we'll know what's up.