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Tampa Bay Buccaneers NFL Draft Live Blog: Day 1 Rumors, picks and more

We're running a live blog, keeping track of all of the rumors for round 1 of the 2014 NFL draft and how they affect the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. We'll keep it going as long as we can. This thread will also serve as an open thread. Come join us!

Sean Gardner

6:09 PM

The Raiders could apparently snag Mike Evans at number five. Of course, they've also been linked with Aaron Donald, and even Derek Carr. 

Meanwhile, the Atlanta Falcons are "exceedingly unlikely" to trade up to number, per Ian Rapoport. That much has been clear for a while, but they could still move up to number four for another player they like. 

5:30 PM

And more Manziel-to-the-Bucs-or-maybe-not rumors. I don't have a clue what to make of this at this point.

4:43 PM

4:25 PM

It's not done yet, but if this happens, Mike Glennon to the Patriots becomes a very strong possibility.

3:41 PM

Probably not the Bucs, given Tedford's scheme. But it's good news for them.

3:35 PM

Adam Schefter said on ESPN that the Jaguars would certainly consider Johnny Manziel at number three. So if the Bucs really want him, a trade up is necessary. Of course, if they don't, the Bucs selecting Manziel is a big positive. 

2:46 PM

That likely means Jadeveon Clowney is going number one overall. Could the Bucs now trade up with the Rams at number two for Johnny Manziel?

2:08 PM


2:06 PM

1:43 PM

Does "the right people" include Lovie Smith?

1:37 PM

Gerald McCoy just done told some people. 

1:05 PM

Rumors and reports are not facts.

12:58 PM

We took a quick look at the mock drafts coming out today. Consensus: Johnny Manziel, Mike Evans or Aaron Donald. 

12:51 PM

One team is discussing trading (back?) up into the late first round to pick Teddy Bridgewater ahead of the Cleveland Browns, according to Ian Rapoport. The Bucs could very well be that team, but it'd cost them a pretty penny to trade up 10+ spots, while they'd be risking his not being there (or not being able to complete a trade), too. You know, if they even like him.

12:24 PM 

 Jay Glazer says the Bucs won't select Johnny Manziel at number seven

12:11 PM

12:06 PM

This makes perfect sense: the Bucs want more picks (and probably will always want more picks), and they're lacking a fourth-rounder. If they're not in love with Johnny Manziel enough to trade up for him, moving down and selecting someone like Odell Beckham Jr. would be sensible.

11:36 AM

Does that mean the Bucs aren't interested in him, at least at number seven? 

11:19 AM

Weirdest rumor of the day: the Falcons could trade their second-round pick for Eric Berry. That'd make them a better team, but that's a pretty expensive player, too. 

11:07 AM

Doesn't matter, he won't be there anyway.

10:52 AM

Trading down with the Lions (10th) or Jets (18th) would make the most sense for the Bucs, if that's something they want to do.

10:51 AM

9:49 AM

The Falcons appear to be the only team willing to trade up to number one, and that'd be a hefty price to pay. Are they willing to give up depth yet again? The lack of depth (in part due to the Julio Jones trade) is what did them in last year. By all means make it worse, Atlanta. 

9:11 AM: 

Aaron Donald isn't coming to Tampa, reportedly.

8:34 AM: 

If Watkins and Evans both go off the board that early, the Bucs will be in a pickle at number seven. They might take Manziel, if he falls, or LSU receiver. Odell Beckham Jr as a backup option. 

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