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NFL Draft Rumors: Buccaneers looking for second-round pick in Mike Glennon trade?

The Bucs want a second-round pick for Mike Glennon. They may have to settle for less, though.

Mike Ehrmann

Conventional wisdom says the Tampa Bay Buccaneers want to draft a quarterback, and that if they can pull that off, they want to trade Mike Glennon. Now Ian Rapoport reports that the Buccaneers will pull the trigger on that trade if they can get a second-round pick. In other news, I'd totally sell one of my mini-Bucs-flags for $2,000.

Personally, I think a second-round pick is aiming a little high. Mike Glennon certainly has potential to be a solid NFL starter, and he showed some positive traits last year -- but everyone and their grandmother knows the Bucs are willing to let him go, especially so if they draft a quarterback in the top two rounds. There's no urgency for the Bucs to deal him during the draft, but that would be their preferred time of executing a trade.

Still, if some quarterback-hungry miss out on quarterbacks they consider worthy of starting, they might turn to the Bucs and Mike Glennon. And that means the Bucs could get a decent price, although they'd likely have to wait until after the draft to get that price. There's also the possibility that the Bucs package Mike Glennon to move around on draft day. And recent projected starters have generally been dealt for second-round picks (give or take some additional ammunition).

The question isn't really whether the Bucs would trade Mike Glennon for a second-round pick, which they almost certainly would. The question is whether they'd trade him for a third- or fourth-round pick. The former third-rounder is still under contract for three more years, but he simply doesn't fit what Lovie Smith and Jeff Tedford want in a quarterback. My guess is that they'll take a mid-round pick for a solid quarterback who they have no real use for, and that this leak is an attempt to drive up his price.