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Buccaneers overhaul personnel department, Shelton Quarles is Director of Football Operations

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have overhauled their front office some more, changing the titles of several scouts and moving around a few of the executives. Jason Licht continues to mould the Bucs' personnel department in his vision.

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers appear to have overhauled their front office some more, after the slew of hirings after the draft. Greg Auman tweeted out a series of title changes in the personnel department, all of which can be found on the Bucs' website as well

The biggest change is that Shelton Quarles is now listed as the Director of Football Operations. Traditionally, that's a position that focuses on game-day operations, logistics and locker room management, most notably filled by Joe Bussell AKA NFLosophy in the 2011 season. That would be a demotion for Quarles, who was the team's Director of Pro Scouting last year -- but then, it might be a promotion, depending on what that title actually means under the new regime. 

Replacing Quarles as Director of Pro Scouting is Scott Cohen, who was hired away from the New York Jets as a Senior Personnel Advisor last year. He was the Jets' Assistant General Manager from 2008 through 2012, and was the Director of Pro Personnel for the Philadelphia Eagles for seven seasons before his stint in New York. 

Gone are Justin Sheridan, Bill Rees and Seth Turner as college scouts. Sheridan and Turner's departure had been previously reported by Jenna Laine, and the two veterans had a combined tenure of 22 years with the Buccaneers. Bill Rees was hired by Mark Dominik in 2011. Terry Cousin was also not retained as the Director of Player Engagement, with 

In addition, the Buccaneers promoted Bob McCartney to the position of National Scout, replacing Brian Hudspeth who moved back to the position of College Scout. McCartney was a Pro Personnel Assistant last year. Meanwhile they promoted Scouting Assistant Steve West to the position of Pro Scout, and added Pat Perles as a Player Personnel Scout. A Pat Perles was the Syracuse offensive line coach last year, but it's not clear whether this is the same person (though Greg Auman notes he is).

Finally, Donovan Cotton and Zack Grossi are new Scouting Assistants, with Jessica Larsen and Karianne Hawkins hired as Executive Assistants to the General Manager and Head Coach respectively. There's also Tyler Oberly, who was hired as the team's Manager of Analytics earlier this offseason. 

So the structure of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' front office has now been completely overhauled. With Jason Licht as the general manager, Jon Robinson will be his right-hand man as the Director of Player Personnel -- effectively taking over Dennis Hickey's role. Under Robinson, Mike Biehl will run the college side as the Director of College Scouting, while Scott Cohen (a hold-over from the last regime) will presumably run the pro personnel side as the Director of Pro Scouting. And Shelton Quarles may or may not fit into that somewhere, too.

Plus, they changed the header to Personnel when it was previously Football Administration -- which included the groundskeepers, for some odd reason. 

With only a handful of holdovers from Mark Dominik's and almost none of them at the higher levels, it's pretty clear that Jason Licht wasn't overly impressed with what he found when he was hired. Sweeping changes occurred, and I wouldn't be surprised to see that continue after the draft next season, when more contracts are bound to run out.