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Stephen White joins Buccaneers coaching staff as intern

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers bring in a former player and current analyst as a coaching intern. Stephen White will get to coach up all those players he's critiqued over the years.

Al Messerschmidt

I missed this last week (and I'm not sure how), but it seems that Stephen White is now a coaching intern with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Joe Bucs Fan reported as much last week, but it completely escaped my attention. You'll know White from his outstanding Notebook columns for, his appearances on the What The Buc? radio show and his 203,000 Tweets.

Then there's his seven-year NFL career, six of them with the Bucs, including one season as a starter on the 1999 Buccaneers. He ended that season by picking off Kurt Warner on the first play from scrimmage in the NFC Championship game. He's also served as a coach for the USF Bulls. 

White has been one of the most insightful Buccaneers analysts out there over the past four years, especially when it comes to defensive linemen. His commentary on technique, strengths and weaknesses of players has been spot on throughout: he was the first to point out Michael Bennett's promise and consistently praised Gerald McCoy. He was also a big believer in Da'Quan Bowers and William Gholston, so hopefully he can help unlock their potential.

Of course, he may have a few things to explain to Adrian Clayborn, first -- including how to play tight ends, head-up. 

This isn't the first former Buccaneer to join Lovie Smith's coaching staff, as Hardy Nickerson is the team's linebackers coach. Being a coaching intern is only a temporary position, and it remains to be seen whether there's any room on the team for White with two defensive line coaches already in the building -- but perhaps he can impress Lovie Smith and company in the short time he'll be there.