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A note on Fanposts

Matthew O'Haren-USA TODAY Sports

We've seen a bit of a dearth of FanPosts since the 2014 NFL draft ended. The last FanPost was penned eight days ago! That makes me a sad panda. 

This community is at its best when everyone contributes to it, including in FanPosts. We have a group of talented writers on the front page, but there's so much ground to cover and we don't get to nearly enough of it -- and there are always different perspectives to offer. And if a FanPost manages to offer an interesting thought or analysis, and do it in such a way (grammar and spelling, mostly) that it wouldn't look amiss on the front page, I'll usually put it up there. 

Hell, I started out on this site by writing overly lengthy FanPosts on why Barrett Ruud really wasn't the worst middle linebacker in the NFL. Witty is the undisputed king of the FanPosts, and was one of the leading #FireSchiano voices, too. In fact, one of his FanPosts was one of the most heavily-read articles on this site for a while, all because Bomani Jones linked to it on Twitter. 

So have at it, guys. Let us know why we're wrong (or right) on Mike Glennon. Tell us that Adrian Clayborn isn't done in Tampa (or that he is). Let us know why Lovie Smith is a boss, why Jason Licht is awesome, why Mark Dominik isn't -- or tell us the opposite. 

You can write a FanPost by following this link. If you feel like you have something to say, please use it!