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Jim Rome is angry because Mike Evans was a boring interview

Jim Rome is angry with Mike Evans.

Brian Blanco

Jim Rome had Mike Evans on his show yesterday, and he was not happy with the interview he got out of the rookie wide receiver. Evans mostly provided short, one-line answers with very little elaboration. Deadspin has the audio, but one exchange sums up this entire interview. 

Jim Rome: There's toughness, and there's needing three IVs as a result of a seven-catch, 279-yard performance against Alabama last season. A lot of fans remember that day, what do you remember about that game?

Mike Evans: I remember we lost. It was a bad feeling.

You can listen to the entire interview for more hilarious answers like that. You can just feel Jim Rome's frustration building throughout the interview. It's pretty entertaining, in an uncomfortable-The-Office-humor kind of way. 

Rome was a little upset about answers like that and went on a mini-rant after the interview ended, blasting Evans for (essentially) being a boring interview. He did make a good point later in his show: if you're going to be a disinterested interview, why even do the show? 

But hey, I can't bring myself to actually care about this. I care about Mike Evans' on-field play. And there's absolutely no reason to believe that there's any connection between the ability to give quality interviews, and the ability to make one-handed catches