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Buccaneers to announce Ring of Honor addition on Tuesday

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers will add the sixth member to their Ring of Honor this year.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Who will join Lee Roy Selmon, John McKay, Jimmie Giles, Paul Gruber and Warren Sapp in the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Ring of Honor? We'll know on Tuesday, when the Bucs are set to make an announcement. We might know sooner, as these names tend to leak out fairly quickly.

Derrick Brooks is the most likely new member, given his Hall of Fame election this year. Pewter Report mentioned Curt Jarvis, who played four seasons for the Bucs as a nose tackle in the late '80s, but was forced to retire after a neck injury in 1990. Shawn Nazario suggested Tony Dungy to me, who would certainly make sense, too.

But the Bucs have a slew of talented players, and they've made unexpected decisions for the Ring of Honor before -- most notably with tight end Jimmie Giles in 2011 and offensive tackle Paul Gruber in 2012. Plenty of options to choose from now, too. Mike Alstott isn't in the Ring of Honor, and neither are players like John Lynch, Donnie Abraham, Brian Kelly and Tony Mayberry. Long-term, quality starters who haven't been honored much.

So who should the Bucs add to the Ring of Honor? Who will they add? Will it be Derrick Brooks, or someone less expected?