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Regrading the Buccaneers' 2010 NFL Draft

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers held 10 picks in the historically deep 2010 NFL draft. Their haul looked impressive right after that draft -- and it looks disastrous just four years later.

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A few days ago, the Sideline View re-graded the 2010 NFL draft. You know the one: heralded as one of the deepest drafts ever, it featured Sam Bradford, Gerald McCoy, Ndamukong Suh, Tim Tebow and plenty of intrigue. Promisingly, the Buccaneers held five picks in the top 101 and three in the top 50. Plus, they had a surplus of late-round picks (one of which they used to trade up in the second round). So what was the result of Mark Dominik's second draft as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' general manager?

Gerald McCoy. 

A Pro Bowler, an All-Pro, the best player in the NFL at his position, a leader in the locker room and an impeccable person off the field. The only blemish on his career has been missing nearly a season's worth of games over his first two years. Other than that, Gerald McCoy was about as successful a draft choice as you can possibly have. 

But because every other pick has failed to do much, the 2010 NFL draft still gets the Bucs just a C- from The Sideline View. Because none of the other eight players are on the team's roster anymore.

Pick-by-pick review

DT Gerald McCoy (Round 1, 3rd overall): Two Pro Bowls, one first-team All-Pro selection, 18 sacks in 51 career games and the best player at his position, as well as the best player on the Bucs' roster. Locker-room leader and focal point of Lovie Smith's defense. 

WR Arrelious Benn (Round 2, 39th overall): Bucs used their fifth-round pick to trade up for him. 59 catches for 862 yards in 37 career games. Athletically gifted, but struggled to stay on the field and never developed into a polished receiver. Traded to the Eagles in 2013 in exchange for upgrading a seventh-round pick to a sixth-rounder. Released by Eagles last week. 

DT Brian Price (Round 2, 35th overall): Three sacks in 15 career games. Suffered a massive lower-body injury that required surgery to re-attach hamstrings to his hip bone in 2010. Still started 14 games in 2011, but struggled throughout and was released in 2012. Last seen trying out for the Jacksonville Jaguars

CB Myron Lewis (Round 3, 67th overall): One start and three passes defensed in three years. Tall, physically gifted receiver who looked horrible whenever he set foot on an NFL football field. Go-to player for Mark Dominik-detractors. They have a point. 

WR Mike Williams (Round 4, 101st overall): 215 catches for 2,947 yards and 25 touchdowns in four years. Looked like a steal in his first three years, and signed a large contract extension in 2013. Injuries prevented him from being productive in his fourth year, and a slew of minor off-field incidents led to his being traded for a sixth-round pick to the Buffalo Bills. Bucs used that pick on Robert Herron. 

P Brent Bowden (Round 6, 172nd overall): Released before his first NFL game. Yep, he was that bad. 

S Cody Grimm (Round 7, 210th overall): 12 career starts with two interceptions. Looked surprisingly good when pressed into service as a rookie, especially defending the run from a deep position. But two season-ending lower-leg injuries sapped his explosiveness, and he was released in 2013. Last seen trying out for the Carolina Panthers.

LB Dekoda Watson (Round 7, 217th overall): 6 career starts and three sacks in four years. Special teams demon and dominant athlete who sometimes seemed to struggle to keep up mentally. Signed with the Jaguars this offseason. 

FB Erik Lorig (Round 7, 253rd overall): Originally drafted as a defensive end, quickly converted to fullback. 30 catches for 193 yards in four seasons. Physically very good as a blocker, but didn't display the vision to properly adjust to moving defensive fronts, leading to too many whiffs. Signed with the Saints this offseason.