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Recapping the Buccaneers' draft weekend and coverage

We had a busy, busy few days during the NFL draft, so we thought we'd recap what happened for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers-- including all the silly rumors we saw during those few days.

Stephen Brashear

Day before the draft:

6:53 AM: Rumor: Bucs want to trade up for Johnny Manziel

12:30 PM: The big Buccaneers draft primer

Day of the draft

6:53 AM: More rumors: the Glazers really want Johnny Manziel, but Lovie Smith loves Aaron Donald

9:01 AM: The rumors don't stop: Aaron Donald is not in consideration

12:22 PM: Jay Glazer says the Bucs don't want Manziel at seven

1:24 PM: JC's wishlist for the draft

5:23 PM: The Bucs love Johnny Manziel, but at number seven

8:00 PM: The first round gets under way!

8:55 PM: The Bucs pass on Johnny Manziel and select Mike Evans

9:22 PM: Leo grades the pick, and asks your opinion

9:36 PM: Lovie Smith declares Mike Glennon to be his quarterback of the future after passing on Manziel and Bridgewater

9:55 PM: Leo rounds up scouting reports on Mike Evans

10:24 AM: Gur discusses other players the Bucs could have taken at number seven

Day two of the draft

7:48 AM: The best available players after the first round

7:57 AM: JC's wishlist for day two of the draft

10:06 AM: The top remaining needs for the Bucs

11:38 AM: Gur rounds up the grades and reactions to Mike Evans' selection

11:44 AM: The Bucs don't want to trade Mike Glennon

11:48 AM: Leo's scouting report on Mike Evans

12:56 PM: DraftPhantom looks at the day two quarterbacks

6:10 PM: The Bucs are looking at trades down

6:55 PM: Gur looks at the Bucs history with seventh overall picks and first-round receivers

7:00 PM: Round two of the NFL draft starts

7:39 PM: The Bucs pick tight end Austin Seferian-Jenkins

8:08 PM: Leo grades the pick, and asks your opinion

8:30 PM: The Dunkaneers are born

9:50 PM: The Bucs surprisingly take running back Charles Sims in the third round

10:07 PM: Leo's not happy with the selection, and neither is the rest of the fanbase

11:04 PM: He doesn't fill a need, but Charles Sims fits the Bucs' needs

Day three of the draft

7:01 AM: Recapping the Bucs' first three rounds

8:09 AM: The best remaining players for the Bucs

9:46 AM: Gur collects the grades and reactions to day two of the draft

10:02 AM: JC's wishlist for day three of the draft

11:53 AM: Leo's scouting report on Austin Seferian-Jenkins

Noon: Round four of the NFL draft gets under way

2:15 PM: The Bucs finally select a guard in round five of the draft in Kadeem Edwards

2:27 PM: Surprise! The Bucs trade back up into the fifth round, giving up a seventh rounder and a future fifth rounder for the Bills' fifth-round pick. 

2:33 PM: And that pick is used on Purdue tackle Kevin Pamphile

2:34 PM: Leo grades the pick of Kadeem Edwards, and asks your opinions

2:55 PM: And Leo does the same thing for Kevin Pamphile

4:08 PM: The Bucs round out their all-offense draft with Wyoming receiver Robert Herron

4:32 PM: Leo grades the Bucs picking Robert Herron

5:32 PM: The Bucs' draft is over, so we have a quick recap of everything they did. 

6:25 PM: We start tracking the Bucs' undrafted free agents

6:58 PM: The Bucs had some trade offers for Mike Glennon, but turned them down

9:40 PM: Kadeem Edwards was drafted within an hour of graduating

The day after

8:08 AM: Leo grades the entire draft

2:46 PM: We try to project the Bucs' starting lineup

4:49 PM: Leo goes over two new Buccaneers in Brett Smith and Robert Herron

Two days after

7:00 AM: Mike Evans has the longest arms of any NFL receiver

11:21 AM: Q&A with Good Bull Hunting on Mike Evans and other Texas A&M Bucs

4:18 PM: The Bucs officially confirm their undrafted free agent signings, and release a couple players

5:00 PM: Leo tries to project likely outcomes for Mike Evans

3:38 AM: Gur collects all the media reactions to the Bucs' draft