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Buccaneers hire Eagles' Andy Speyer as national scout

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have hired a new national scout in Andy Speyer, continuing their post-draft front office makeover.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers continue their front office makeover, after bringing in Jon Robinson from the New England Patriots to replace Eric Stokes. Robinson will be the team's director of player personnel, per Greg Auman. The Buccaneers will also hire Andy Speyer as a national scout, again per Auman.

Speyer was a member of the Philadelphia Eagles for the past twelve, and has spent eleven of those years as a college scout, He has served as a regional scout for the Northeast, the Southwest and the Midwest with the Eagles, according to his bio on the Eagles' website. Given his title as Southwest scout, he presumably helped the Eagles draft 2013 second-rounder Zach Ertz (Stanford), 2012 second-rounder Mychal Kendricks (California) and most notably, 2012 third-rounder Nick Foles (Arizona).

General manager Jason Licht worked as the Philadelphia Eagles' assistant director of player personnel and vice president of player personnel from 2003 through 2007, and is presumably familiar with Speyer from his time there. 

Jenna Laine had previously reported that the Buccaneers would part ways with two of their veteran regional college scouts in Seth Turner and Justin Sheridan. Both of those scouts have already been removed from the personnel listing on the website, although Eric Stokes is still listed there. Brian Hudspeth is currently the Bucs' only national scout, but it's not clear whether Speyer will replace him or work alongside him.

Teams traditionally wait until after the draft to hire and fire front office personnel. Contracts run until after the draft, and keeping the same staff in place until the draft allows work to continue seamlessly through the most important annual period for any front office. We should see more news on the team's front office makeover over the next couple of days.